Our Values
& Belief System
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You truly LIVE our values.

LIVE - Learn, Innovate, Vision, Excellence

Our Values drive how we work. They are the bedrock of our organizational culture. It takes time to truly LIVE these Values, however we encourage our associates to understand and relate to them.

SD Global


Always be part of Continuous Learning

Our values promote us to learn each day. Being a high performing technology company, learning and keeping upbeat with the changing tech is the single most important aspect of how we will remain relevant.

Learning and practicing aspects of project management, leading by example, people management, team spitit & team comaraderie will be critical in our success.

Live each Day! Learn each Day!



Be inquisitive & Innovate

"Stay hungry, stay foolish" - Steve Jobs

You will do a tremendous service to yourself when you remain inquisitive to learn and innovate. Inculcate this value as a Sierra associate. Always ask questions, always give your opinions, always be restless to achieve excellence and remember, without innovation, excellence is a milestone that cannot be achieved.

Live each Day! Be Inquisitive, Learn & Innovate!



Always be aligned to your teams Vision

Staying aligned with the company vision is probably the single most important aspect when teams are working toward common goals.

The VISION binds us together so that we do not deter, move off course and stay focused and united.

Live each Day! Envision the Vision!



Always strive to achieve Excellence

Excellence in all things we do.

The tech we develop, the code we write, the script we own, must be driven by the single most important purpose - to achieve EXCELLENCE!

Our customers rely on us to offer only the very best solutions & services. It then becomes our duty to meet their expectations to serve them so that they serve their customers with excellence.

Live each Day! Achieve Excellence Everyday!

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